Friday, February 7, 2020

Notice to close website

Yes, I am closing down this website. I am thankful to the handful of folks that visited my site and a few even left comments. Given I have not done a good job of updating my site with new posts, that isn't bad I suppose.
I have been hit with some personal challenges and just not up to the dedication needed to my website and podcast, further, it's not fair to those I have asked to support me.
I know I have given little information as to why but believe me, I just cannot give my all to this project at this time. Know I still pay attention to politics and I hope you all are too. We must vote this election and remove a president that doesn't know the meaning of law or "the people". It's all about him, he is a liar and a danger to this country. So please, VOTE!

My love to you all, have a wonderful life and never forget the power of a hug! Later. 

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