Sunday, November 17, 2019


I want to address the new Republican narrative that, yes, the president did some bad things but it doesn't rise to the level of impeachment. I would like all of you, including republicans, to ask yourselves if you would like a democratic president using other countries to dig up dirt on republicans?

I was one of those democrats that didn't believe impeachment should take place due to the Mueller report because the votes were not there in the senate to remove Trump from office. However, Trump keeps going further and further off the rail and his bribery of Ukraine is a step to far. It no longer matters if the votes are not there, we must let the american people know that this behavior is not acceptable and let the chips fall where they may! Values matter and if we are honest with ourselves I don't believe anyone of us would want our elections interfered with by a candidate using another country to help him win! LOL! Sound familiar?

Trump refuses to allow access to direct witnesses but we have at least one despite his orders and next week we will here from him. I want you to ask yourself why would an innocent man obstruct an investigation by refusing to allow documents and witnesses? No regular citizen could get away with this and our president shouldn't be able to ether. So, any first hand information and all second, third hand information becomes that much more important in terms of the american people making a determination of impeachment. If the american people change so changes the senate. I have no idea if the removal of the president will happen, it has never happened in our history, however, even if it doesn't we must go on record as this action by a sitting president is not acceptable with democrats!

To my first question, do I want a democratic president to use another country to dig up dirt on a republican rival? No, I don't. Not only is it another way to cheat, not only is it abuse of power, it undermines the security of this nation! It makes us weaker as a democracy and could even destroy it! No candidate or president has ever done such a thing before Trump and we should make damn sure he is the last!

We know this man obstructed justice during the Mueller report and we also know he colluded with Russia and allowed interference in our elections. Now before all you republicans go nuclear on that statement, I did not say conspiracy, clearly Mueller could not prove conspiracy and he said so. However, there are multiple examples of collusion in the report just as there is now with the bribery of Ukraine. I point this out only to show Trump is doing the same thing only more obvious and abusive of the power he has. He got away with it once why not again? Instead of No Collusion now it's No Quid Pro Quo! Same tactics different country!

This has to stop. So to all, please pay attention to the hearings and please please VOTE!